World of Weird: A Creepy Compendium of True Stories (Hardcover)

World of Weird: A Creepy Compendium of True Stories By Tom Adams, Celsius Pictor (Illustrator) Cover Image

World of Weird: A Creepy Compendium of True Stories (Hardcover)

By Tom Adams, Celsius Pictor (Illustrator)


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In the 21st century, a scientist uncovers their Victorian ancestor’s notebook in a box. This ancestor is Dr. McCreebor  an eminent explorer, philosopher, and collector of the very strange and truly creepy.
Dr. McCreebor's book is filled with the dark and disturbing stories he has collected on his travels around the world. And now, after over 125 years in a dusty attic, Dr. McCreebor’s writings can be read… by only the bravest.
Discover the fascinating stories behind a series of objects, people, and places in every chapter. McCreebor writes from a Victorian perspective — and his descendant isn't afraid to write notes in the margins, bringing the science into the 21st century.

Uncover Artificalia (man-made objects), Naturalia (natural creatures and beings), Spiritualis (the spirit world), ScelereSupplicium (crime and punishment), Scientifica (scientific tools), Magicae (magical objects), and Morteum (skulls, bodies, and more). Steampunk illustrator Celsius Pictor intricately illustrates McCreebor’s sketches, maps, records, and photographs.

From shrunken heads to witches’ charms, saints’ blood to graverobbers’ remains, hangman’s salve to trepanning tools, this book is a peek into our grisly and macabre past.

Tom Adams is an award-winning television producer and author. He was born in Yorkshire but now lives in Kent, UK. With a science background, he was inspired to turn his hand to writing children’s books once his eldest son, then 5, started asking questions about how the world worked. He won the Society of Authors/ ALCS Award for Educational Writing for his book Molecule Mayhem.

Celsius Pictor is a freelance illustrator and visual artist. He studied Illustration at the School of Arts and Crafts and for 7 years he worked as Art Director in agencies and advertising studios from Spain, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Inspired by the work of old engravers and Max Ernst, Celsius uses collage and digital ink to bring to life a parallel world that mixes the digital, history, mythology, and nature. 

Product Details ISBN: 9780711269545
ISBN-10: 0711269548
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2022
Pages: 64
Language: English
“A compendium of strange and creepy stories “written” by Dr McCreebor – an eminent Victorian explorer and philosopher. McCreebor discusses shrunken heads and witches’ charms, while a 21st century scientist who “discovered” the book gives a modern day perspective in his notes in the margin.”The Bookseller

“Any publication from Wide Eyed is always going to be on the top of my ‘to read’ list because it is guaranteed to be exquisitely designed, thoroughly researched and fascinating to read…Stunning black and white illustrations accompany each of the weird but wonderful observations in the book.”—Armadillo Magazine

"This brilliant book is full of factual information packed into a fictional frame, perfect for children who want to discover humankind's seriously strange past."How It Works