Cincy Book Rack is PROUD to introduce - Hero's Hearth Games


The Book Rack is pleased to announce some upcoming changes!  First, We are slowly transitioning our title to be Cincy Book Rack.  The Book Rack originally was a string of franchised bookstores throughout the country.   When this Book Rack changed hands to the current ownership, we did not continue the relationship with the franchise, so we are not part of that system.  We are wholly independant and local!  Yay small business!  

Second, we are expanding to the space next door.  You may have noticed that we added games and such to our selections!  The space will be Hero's Hearth Games, which will be entered through Cincy Book Rack, will have room for playing games of all sorts, as well as in games available for purchase.  We currently have a Dungeons and Dragons community and a Magic: The Gathering Community.  In addition to those, we want to be able to play other games on a regular basis, shout if you have something you want us to host!

Hero's Hearth Games will also have room to host some events.  We have already sponsored a successful "Maid Cafe" and would like to have Author Signings, Slam Poetry, StoryTelling (similar to Moth), and other events!  Let us know if you have an idea or would like to have have an event at Hero's Hearth Games!

Ultimately, our aim is to be a safe, comfortable place that people can go to explore and experience screen free activities!