Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace!

Hi.  Scott here.  This is the third iteration (hopefully the last) of a website for The Book Rack.  We tried one that ended up being mostly static.  Then we tried one that would allow us to list our inventory online, but it was NOT user friendly...for anyone!  So we are trying this version out.  What do you think?  It will be a continual work in progress (anyone who knows me will not be surprised to learn this!) but hopefully it will be a warm and inviting place on the net where you can go and check out what we currently have in stock, what's going on at the store, what our staff is currently reading (Melinda Leigh is all the rage with much of the staff right now, I am reading The Night Tiger, by Yangsze Choo).   Here at cincybookrack.com you will be able to get reviews of books, order books, watch videos about books...Okay we don't have any videos about books...yet.

My wife and I bought The Book Rack a little over a year ago from one of the nicest ladies we have met.  Part of the reason was that we wanted to make sure that there was still a bookstore in the area.  Within a week of us closing the deal, it was announced that a national chain was opening up down the road.  Our hearts sank.  How could we compete with the big boys who have more than 125 stores?  Well, we plan to try, and this is where we will document our ongoing story.  The community has been tremendous and we very much appreciate everyone.  Thank you! 

As we continue our adventure, feel free to drop in the store or stop by the website from time to time.  Tell us what you like to read, we want to know!  Most of all:  Read like no one is watching.  

Okay, that is not as cool as Dance like no one is watching.  I will try to do better next time.

Vaya con dios!