Wow, what a crazy busy week!

Hey gang,

Scott here.

So, yesterday was Independent Bookstore Day.  Thanks to everyone who visited.  It was the fifth overall and the first one we have participated in.  Looking to do more exciting things like that in the future.

We also are changing our shelving.  What I thought would be a one day project looks like it will be much longer (inasmuch as we have spent three days already and are still in a state of chaos!).  We are NOT closing.  We are changing from those orange shelves from the mid1970's to nicer shelving.  Unfortunately, there will be room for less books, but they will be easier to see and find and it should be easier to maneuver around the store.  Most importantly, we won't have stacks of hardcovers toppling on people because they don't really fit on the shelves!  So when you come in, things might be slightly askew, but bear with us and we will strive to make The Book Rack a better experience.  

On a side note, Mrs. BookRack and I have a new puppy! which is exciting, but puppy decided to demonstrate his exceptional noise making abilities at 3:30 am followed by an encore performance at 5:30 am.  To our neighbors, we apologize!  We hope and trust that the pup calms down, and sooner rather than later, but for now, we shall endeavor to comfort and console - puppy as well as neighbors!

We have a new employee, Jen, who has fit in seamlessly with the team.  Jen has a lot of experience in the book world - in fact, she is a published author.  Stop by some time to meet her, ask her questions, or even get her to sign one of her books!

With May coming up, and the end of school, and summer travel, let us know how we can meet your literary needs (or pulp needs - we don't judge!).  

Vaya con dios!  Until we meet again!